If you’re looking for a place with amazing hospitality and southern charm, South Carolina is the place to be. The state has so much to offer from mountains, golfing, and clean beaches. Whether you live in or out of state there are so many places that would make the perfect weekend getaway. The weather is perfect for adventures to learn about history or try new foods while visiting a town. There is truly a place for everyone to enjoy. Here are some amazing weekend getaways to consider in South Carolina.



The city of Charleston has been voted as one of the best cities to visit in the United States. Some may argue that and call it one of the best to live. Charleston is full of colonial designed buildings along cobbled stone roads. You don’t have to travel far for good food, as many award-winning chefs have taken their talents to the Charleston food scene. If you are looking for a peaceful getaway filled with beautiful scenery, hop on a trolley and make your way to Charleston.


Myrtle Beach

Soak up the sun in Myrtle Beach while staying close to shore. Take this time to relax at the spa or poolside. Amenities such as boat rental and golf courses are very popular while staying at a resort or club in the area. Just like many other beaches, this destination offers many attractions and shops that can be enjoyed in a weekend. 


Blue Ridge Mountains

If the beach doesn’t interest you much, consider visiting some mountains for the weekend. The Blue Ridge Mountains are right outside of Salem, South Carolina. The beautiful views are amazing for a peaceful trip with nothing to worry about. You can explore on your own or sign up for a hike with a tour guide in the state parks close by. To get the best experience at the Blue Ridge Mountains, stay at a resort that offers meals and activities so there will be little to no driving during your stay.



Leave it to the state capital to be filled with history and southern charm. A lot of your time in Columbia will be spent outside as they offer canoeing in the canal and kayaking in Riverfront Park. If you’re interested in learning more about history, this is the perfect time to visit the South Carolina State Museum. Columbia is filled with entertainment and food to die for on every corner. If you’re interested in a fun and busy getaway, this is the place to be!