When asking about hunting season, most people would respond that winter is a perfect time. Although most hunting does occur during that time it doesn’t mean that spring and summer are off-seasons. Hunting in warmer weather means you must change some of your techniques and most importantly the summer hunting clothes you wear. Some of the species you are searching for may be familiar or new to you. Here are some of the best hunts you can find this summer!



One of the most popular animals to hunt is still big targets during the summer. As the coyote population grows the more often they are hunted. More time will be spent scouting a coyote in the summer since they stay in smaller areas. This is because there is a greater amount of food and less need to travel for them. The best time to hunt coyotes is later in the day after the sun sets and the night begins. 


Wild Hogs

Similar to coyotes, wild hog numbers have grown very fast in past years. They’re hunted all year long due to their population. Many hunters use dogs as a way to lure wild hogs in their direction. Try standing by a tree until night comes for a nice and smooth hunt. Don’t forget that wild hogs aren’t too light!



Not what many people expect, but how could anybody miss them. Squirrels are always running around everywhere during summertime so they might be a little harder to catch. They tend to hide in trees and nests once it’s too warm outside so the best time to hunt for them is before the sun rises. It is common for hunters to use a squirrel call or leave bait to bring them to an encounter. If you’re up for a challenge then hunting squirrels this summer would be something to consider.


Prairie Dogs

Unlike other animals that are hunted in secluded areas such as the woods, prairie dogs are most likely to be found roaming the streets of a city near you. They tend to navigate better in areas that have a higher population, meaning you must prepare yourself for a hunt like no other. Going after prairie dogs call for some long-distance hunting skills that can accurately follow through with normal activity going on around you.