The Pride of South Carolina


As a sport, fishing is celebrated and loved in the south, and anglers across the United States of America understand the appeal of South Carolina. The appeal lies in between the extraordinary catches from its freshwater lakes. The Palmetto state holds the record for most of these catches, with the best catches spreading across its counties.


Anglers from the neighboring states and the ones in South Carolina record the weight of their catches. Some of these mouth-gaping catches include;


  1. Trout


The biggest trout, weighing 11 pounds 5 ounces, was a rainbow trout caught in lake Jocassee in 1983. Five years later, in 1987, Larry Edwards caught a brown trout, weighing 7 pounds, 9.5 ounces in the same lake, Jocassee. Finally, in 2010, Wes Coker brought to shore a 4 pound, 10 ounces brook trout from a fishing expedition on Lake Chattooga.


  1. Largemouth Bass


The first largemouth bass catch happened in 1948. In this year, a manning resident, P.H. Flanagan, brought home a whipping 16.2pound bass from the lake Marion. Flanagan’s find is by far the biggest bass of its species. Later on in the year 199, Mason Cummings a Ride Springs reeled in 16.2-pound largemouth bass.


  1. Blue Catfish


The most recent blue catfish catch was by Leland Selph and his counterpart in 2012. The commercial fishermen’s catfish was 139 pounds. However, the South Carolina Sportsman claims the find was on a trotline hence could not make it to the record books. That is a shame considering the size of that blue catfish.


  1. Chain Pickerel


In 1981, Randall Spell from Colleton entered the record books for having caught a chain pickerel of 6 pounds, 4 ounces in Chessey Creek. Randall’s catch was amazing since these species are relatively small.


  1. Striped Bass


Striped bass is the most common fish in the state of South Carolina. Therefore, angler Terry McConnell made the state of South Carolina proud in 2009 when he caught one weighing 63 pounds. McConnell broke his record, having caught a 59 pounder seven years earlier.


Additionally, angler C.T. Babcock III caught an African Pompano weighing 44 pounds, 3 ounces at Hilton Head Island in 2011. Babcock’s catch is the latest magnificent catch in South Carolina.