The Largemouth bass is known for being the most popular freshwater fish worldwide. This fish has made its mark from the United States to Japan. The best season to catch Largemouth bass is every day. These fish migrate up to thousands of miles each season in search of better temperatures and food. The key is knowing where exactly they’ll be during that time of day. Here are some great tips to put into consideration while fishing for a Largemouth bass.

Where to Catch

Largemouth bass can be found in any lake or river that is made up of fresh water. If the temperature is right, there’s a good chance that this is the best time to fish and the big bass can be found wherever you go. Most days they can be found close to shore in the early morning during the summertime. This large bass tends to make its way to fallen tree branches and boating docks. Later in the day, try making your way further offshore near any structures in deeper parts of the water. 


It is very possible to catch a Largemouth bass using any tackle you have on hand, but that doesn’t mean some won’t work better than others. When it comes to size, anything considered a “medium” and can hold up to 20 pounds is ideal. This size is perfect for catching the smaller to the larger size of this big bass. The spinning tackle is often used since it’s easy to get a hang of and the lures tend to work very well. The Largemouth bass is intrigued by ripples in the water so when you reeling don’t be too shy with creating movements.

Best Bait

This big bass will eat anything they come across but the best bait is big and living. Golden shiner and shads are the two most popular fish that will help you get the job done. With their size and shiny scales, these two will attract a Largemouth bass to your hook in no time. When it comes to artificial lures the most effective are plastic worms and little fish that look like they’re swimming. Largemouth bass prefers to eat bait after they are hooked on but they have no issue nibbling on artificial lures on the way up.

It’s important to remember to stay safe and have fun while fishing for a Largemouth bass. You might not score on the first try but practice makes perfect!