Hunting is one of the most popular hobbies for adults and children in the state of South Carolina, with the most commonly hunted animal in the state being the deer. Unfortunately, deer hunting season only lasts a short time before ending in early December. The guns do not have to be put away after deer season thanks to the diverse wildlife population of South Carolina. These are the four best animals to hunt in South Carolina after deer season ends.



Bobcats are wild carnivorous cats that are found throughout the United States. Bobcats are generally seen in the forested areas of South Carolina, but they may come into the populous cities when extremely hungry. Since they do not get much bigger than 20 pounds, bobcats rarely attack humans. For the avid hunter, they can legally be hunted anywhere in the state from late November to early March. Due to their predatory nature and abundant population, there is no kill limit when hunting bobcats.



While it requires an entirely different set of skills, hunting birds is a great way to pass the time after deer season ends. The most populous birds that you can hunt in South Carolina are crows. These medium-sized black birds can be found on virtually any hunting ground in the state. Crow hunting season begins in early November and runs until the end of February.


Ruffed Grouse

Another great bird to hunt in South Carolina is the ruffed grouse. This small brown bird is closely related to pheasants and quails. These birds can be tough to spot, so bagging one is a real accomplishment. Ruffed grouse primarily live in Canada and other cold environments, but they can also be found near the Appalachian Mountains in the northwestern portion of South Carolina. Be cautious, though, as the law does state that a hunter cannot kill more than three of these prized birds in a single day.



Mustelids are the largest family of carnivores in the animal kingdom. This family includes mink, otters, and weasels. All of these animals can be hunted in South Carolina throughout the winter season. There is no daily bag limit when hunting these small mammals, but trapping is not allowed. A special license is also needed if hunting for commercial purposes, as well as a unique set of hunting skills. 


While deer are the favored game among many hunters in South Carolina, the short season can put a damper on any enthusiast. Challenging yourself with a new game is a great way to become a more skilled hunter and make the season last longer in South Carolina.